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We hope you get to know us, and we certainly want to know you. 

We are cashmere over cotton, ballet flats over blisters (most of the time), daring over blah, happy hour over high-maintence, and moms above everything else. 

Avosetta Home was born from our uncompromising love of home. We know your home is that special place where you re-energize your spirit, dream big, cuddle your dog, embrace your children and laugh with friends. Our passion is to bring you designer fabrics in ready-to-decorate collections that you can make distinctly yours.  

Whose big idea was this? It was Elisa's.  Elisa is wickedly smart, gracefully beautiful, and eternally modest. That's why I am writing this. Early in her career, she worked in marketing and branding for Fortune 500 Companies after getting her MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. Her relentless passion for home eventually led her to manage interior design at Discovery Land Company, which specializes in uber luxury residential private club communities and resorts.  This fed the beast for a while, but she now claims to have found her dream job - feeding her creative passion while also helping customers brighten their home with the world's best textiles. - Mila

Why Mila? Well, she's wickedly funny and if you are going to work hard you might as well be laughing. We started off as friends, my husband grew up doing Junior Lifeguards with Mila on Santa Monica Beach. She has a real competitive streak. From the start of our friendship we would bounce ideas off each other knowing we wanted to work together. Some ideas were crazy and some just didn't make our hearts sing. Until now. Mila brings a level of consumer insight and marketing acumen that few possess. She served as Director of Marketing and PR at home furnishings giant HD Buttercup, and has also created cross-promotional marketing initiatives with Food and Wine, Vanity Fair, Domino, Architectural Digest, InStyle, Elle, and Elle Décor - just to name a few. There is no one I'd rather toast success with or collaborate with till the wee hours of the morning. - Elisa

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