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For years I coveted the Raoul Textile prints I saw on a daybed in a House Beautiful spread. The mix of blues and large scale prints had me entranced. When we set out to start Avosetta Home both of us had our must-list of designer fabrics we had to work with... luckily Raoul was on both of ours. 

Photo Courtesy of the blog, Open House Modern Beach Design 

Sally McQuillan and her late husband, Tim, started Raoul Textiles in 1981 on the beach in Santa Barbara. Sounds pretty romantic. They started in a Quonset hut... really I am not making this up. Today they have a factory, still on the beach, where they hand-print their patterns on linen.

These hand-printed fabrics have a depth and beauty that make them timeless. Each patterns inspiration comes from different historical and cultural references but Sally's gift is making them all work in concert. 


                       Photo of the Raoul Textiles Showroom courtesy of SB Digs

Our Corona Del Mar Blues Collection was inspired by Raoul's Sea Leaf and Tie Dye patterns... and our hope to have our office on the beach with the sea breeze in our hair.




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AHHHH Summer. We love losing hours in the sun surrounded by friends and family. This is our list of Swaps to kick your home out of this past season's ho-hum and into full summer swing.

1. Pack up your heavy scented candles and room sprays in favor of something lighter with citrus notes. We love The Wave scented candle from Apotia. It blends fresh white grapefruit, mandarin and yuzu, with a hint of wood and a dash of ocean salt. Even if you aren't next to the beach this candle will help you hear the symphony of waves crashing. 

Available at Barney's New York

2. Take your well-loved cashmere throw to the cleaners and break out a breezy bedfellow. Even though it is warm out, we still like to curl-up in the evening with a light blanket. We love the versatility of the Fouta. You can use it as a wrap, a throw, or even a towel. This beauty with metallic stripes and a honeycomb weave by Scents & Feel is our favorite.


Available at Taigan 

3. Lighten and brighten your house with throw pillows that evoke the lazy days of summer. Our ocean inspired Tie Dye pillow using Raoul Textiles fabric is a touch of summer fun. Check out the entire Corona Del Mar collection for an eclectic layered look from multiple designers.  


Available at Avosetta Home

4. Put down that glass of Pinot Noir. Time to stock up on your favorite Rosé. Sip the summer away dreaming you're in the Bahamas or the south of France... both locales practically have it on tap. We love an inexpensive Trader Joe's wine, and JL Quinson Cotes de Provence Rosé, 2011 or 2012 at $5.99 is a definite crowd and wallet pleaser.  


Available at Trader Joe's

5. Wheel those heat lamps out of the way to make room for an outdoor umbrella. We love getting just a hint of color from the summer sun and having a cool oasis under an umbrella. Santa Barbara Umbrella has so many to choose from, but we adore this Double Decker. It has a keyhole valance and classic black trim. 


Available at Santa Barbara Umbrella

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